AKA – Why I Released a Song About Bonang

AKA – Why I Released a Song About Bonang

SA rapper AKA certainly would have a huge smile on his face following his Touch My Blood album which has hit the digital world and can now be gotten through some outlets. There is a peculiar smile which he is fond of and that is from his relationship with Bonang. It  may have gone sour but at least he tasted the sweet part long enough and choose to build up the memory in a song Beyonce.

“I lived it. I think the definition of an artist, to me, is someone who can be vulnerable and honest. They open themselves to anything. At the end of the day, my music has to be a reflection of my life and it just so happens that my life is under a microscope,”  He said.

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He equally spoke about his transformation since coming into the Entertainment industry. with a growing experience which he hopes to lay put with the album.

“The biggest story I want to tell with this album is that I came into this industry as a boy and now I am a man.”

AKA – Why I Released a Song About Bonang

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