Cassper Nyovest has Influenced me positively – Nadia Nakai

Cassper Nyovest has Influenced me positively – Nadia Nakai

Nadia Nakai is one name in the SA music which rings a lot of bells, She is Sexy, hot, hardworking and truly a world class performer who has always represented South Africa so well. A lot of fans draw inspiration from her music and style but she has disclosed her source of strength and resilience. The rapper who is currently tied to Family Tree record owned by Award winning Cassper Nyovest has spoken about the huge influence Cassper has had on her. In an Interview with Times Live, she said about the enormous touch Cassper has had on her. Cassper Nyovest has Influenced me positively.

“I was talking about how Cassper brought me out onto the stage last year when he opened for Travis Scott and it also felt amazing for me to call him out onto my set. It was almost like when a proud father gets to watch their child graduating, that’s how I felt when he told me how well I did. It meant a lot to me, it was like I was graduating and his constant affirmation for me is like getting that nod of you did well from your dad and I value it so much.”


The rapper also gave a hint about her album saying the more she graduates, the more work is been into her album.

“I had pressure but not the kind brought by having to share a stage with an international rapper. Rather it was more excitement and the normal pressure every artist has before they put on a great show. I don’t feel like the fact that Chance would be there was the reason behind the pressure, I had. We are past that. I just knew that I had to give a stellar show, and the organisers made sure I had the support I needed to have a great show.

“It felt amazing to be on that stage with that kind of production behind you and I knew that I couldn’t take that opportunity for granted. I mean, I rehearsed for about two months and sometimes from my own pocket because I wanted it to match the dreams I’ve had for it.”


Cassper Nyovest has Influenced me positively – Nadia Naka

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