DJ Zinhle to Write New Book

DJ Zinhle to Write New Book

Dj Zinhle is set to join the long list of celebrities who have successfully written books that have had a huge and positive impact on its readers.The Musical Sensation sure knows how to get down with her music and now she avails herself the chance to inspire off her music. She has spoken fondly about her love for reading and how she has been able to become what she is through books she has read. This is a return favour by the Songstress whose book is named Meeting Your Power and would get a release on the 1st day of June this year she told Dennis. Revealing few things about the book,  she said

“It’s written with the understanding of the African and South African voice – the African women and what she goes through.”


She also spoke of the growth that comes when she helps other people grow hinting that it should not be left for some set of people and helping doesn’t take anything from her.

“If helping other people doesn’t take anything away from you, you should definitely do it. If I’m given the opportunity to help people and I can,  it’s a great investment. Even for myself,  because it helps me grow.”

DJ Zinhle to Write New Book

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