K.O – “I Am In Love”

K.O – “I Am In Love”K.O

K.O in love? Well, we have seen countless celebrity relationships go down the drain and one can argue that celebrities are some what not good at maintaining a perfect relationship and that is why they choose to have baby mamas and all stuffs like that. but is K.O just trying to get the attention of the media? we wold probably find out soon enough. In an interview video that popped online, he told TimesLive, “Yes, I am in love,”. getting the woeman without even using a pickup line. Now how true could that be. Speaking about pick up lines, he said shared, “Uhm, do people still use those? I don’t think people use those…” K.O – “I Am In Love”


About his latest single, Swaggernova which sounds just like cassanova, he said it borrows theconfidence and its a playword on cassanova. “The title is a play on the word casanova. Any super confident and even arrogant person, will call themselves a casanova. So, I don’t think I am a casanova. I am confident but not in that way. But I believe my fashion sense and style and being one of the people that have afforded to set trends in both fashion and music. This title Swaggernova borrows the confidence but applies it differently,’

“The concept behind the song and the music video, will show that I have a particular taste for certain things. Whether it be success or fashion or boys toys, both in the suburbs and in the township. Which is parallel with my reality because I come from the township and I still go back there but I am also part of the young people in suburbs trying to succeed and take care of our families” K.O said.

K.O – “I Am In Love”


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