Nadia Nakai Reacts to Backlash over Makeup


South African award winning female rapper Nadia Nakai who is a beauty queen  recently caused an upstir on social media after she was seen to appear without make up and she has now come out to say to them haters that she loves herself with or without beauty enhancers. she told her fans that a lady can still be beautiful even without wearing make up.

The rapper Nadia received a lot of backlash from a host of haters when pictures of herself in a beauty made rounds on the internet haven gone viral the moment it was seen by a fan turned hater. there was a swift response from lover fans and fans turned haters which resulted in immediate uploading of pictures without the use of make up which showed the love and support they had for the rapper. the other half of her fans were in no support of such and the lashes kept on heaping.


Presently, she had to come out boldly having gained recent fame and is now running the Nadia Nakai make-up challenge where she challenges fans and haters wise to upload pictures with no concealers. Nadia Nakai picture without makeup has now hit the top results on google search in SA and other African countries as well just barely it been shared last week.

She has continued to defend her action and here is what Nadia Nakai had to say “I am human and when I’m spending time with bae, I’m not gonna waste time ‘face-beating’ when we are chilling. I go shopping without make-up. I take pics with fans without make-up. Like, that’s my life and I will continue doing that.”

She Nadia Nakai was used as part  of a story-line about not wearing make-up by Isidingo and still thinks most persons do not understand what women pass through.


She still had much to say.

“I get you guys always want to stay relevant and incorporate interesting topics in your normally played out script. That’s okay. Go on! Thrive huni. Expecting you to care how I feel as a women getting backlash for how she looks without make-up is definitely asking for way too much.”

she had since given responses to all messages on her profile page and is still filled with appreciation for the supportive attitude of her fans.



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