Nasty C to Become South Africa’s next Billionaire

Nasty C to Become South Africa’s Billionaire

The world richest man in person of Jeff Bezos who owns Amazon sits at the top of the rich list. Beneath him are familiar faces Bill Gates, Warren Buffet, Mark Zuckerberg, Amancio Ortega of Zara and a long list that saw also five South African’s on it. Singer and young rapper Nasty C looks to make up the list of Billionaires in South Africa as the sixth person on it and he has shared it with Slikour Onlife

“Every time people said I’m an old soul, I always thought maybe it was because I am quiet or I am not as hyper as the other kids. But now, with just the way I think alone, I understand why they said that.”

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With the release of his Strings and Bing album, Nasty C has seen a jump in his market value and aims to be among the Billionaires soon enough. He has matured by reading a lot of books as well and is well on course to have a 12 digit worth attached to his name. He said

“(I want to help) anywhere I can. Even if it means I have to pay for things or donate. But my main instrument of giving back is teaching kids the law of attraction and teaching them to read. Even those that think they are too cool, you know too cool to read. I know I was like that at some point. I discovered once I started reading that there were so many tools. After that I felt like I had so much power.”

Nasty C to Become South Africa’s Billionaire

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