SJava Shares Success insight

Sjava Holding the 2018 BET Viewers’ Choice Best International Act award

SJava Shares Success insight

Sjava is currently highly sought after in Africa and one can say he has been true to his roots as can be seen with the kind of African attire  he was seen on at the BET awards held where he clinched an award to become the first African to do so. Success they say, does not come easy and for Sjava it has taken him close to 16 years of growth, persistence motivation and determination to get a BET award. That is a long wait i must say. Remember Sjava was featured in the Black panther Album by Kendrick Lamar and his inclusion skyrocketed that track track to the top of the Billboard top 200 songs. Quite impressive.

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He shared a success insight and have a look at how he managed to come this far in his career.

“I wrote about things that people go through. I try to stay true to my roots. That is something people must realise. You won’t go anywhere if you are the same as the next person,” He said on speaking to Tshisalive. “It took me over 16 years to get to this point and it took patience to get here. It was a lot of hard work but it is paying off. I can’t undo everything by just being like someone else.”He also said.

SJava Shares Success insight


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