Why Stogie T Trended On Twitter

Why Stogie T Trended On Twitter

South African rap boss and music maestro who has been hitting the headlines lately following his feature in the Victory Lap Remix by AkA and has even trended more in more recent time as a result of the his disclosure about the scene caused by an upcoming rapper while he was out on his way to the studio. The streets stopped to watch what went on before the situation was well handled by Policemen.

The junior Rapper felt he had done much for the rap guru and needed some pat on the back  from the boss rapper who in turn felt he gotten him along well and there was no reason for such confrontation but  Stogie T was quick to dispel claims by the rapper who said he had been doing some rap songs for him that a real job is what suits his personality and not music.

The action got some twitter users annoyed and they opined that the boys work be stolen but Stogie T on the contrary spoke out saying that what ever dreams the boy had that were unpursued, it had nothing to do with him not being open. Here is what he wrote  “It’s 9.18 a.m I was asked by a petrol attendant just 15 minutes ago to help his young brother out. I have never stopped anyone from telling their story, and if it takes my disinterest in your bars to stop you then this sh*t ain’t for you anyway.”


Why Stogie T Trended On Twitter


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